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Income Tax Preparationtion
Income taxes are the mainstay of my practice. I have extensive experience preparing tax returns for individuals and businesses including corporations, LLCs and partnerships. I like to employ strategies that not only minimize taxes, but maximize what’s left after taxes. For individuals that do not have a farm, business or rental property, I have a convenient service called “Express Return” The client can walk in without an appointment and have his or her tax return prepared and electronically filed on the first visit. If the taxpayer has a refund directly deposited into a local bank account, the tax preparation fees can be paid when the refund is received.
Payroll Reporting
I can provide whatever level of payroll service and support that the client needs. If the client can prepare all of the quarterly reports but just needs W-2 forms printed, I can do that. If the client just wants to provide the employee earnings from each payroll, I can calculate the paycheck, calculate the tax payment requirements, file the federal and state quarterly reports and annual reports and print the W-2 forms.
Business Consulting
I know what it takes to get a new business up and going, having been through the process myself. I have been able to help clients start a new business or restructure an old business. I can help find your “break-even point” or determine the “point of diminishing returns.” Planning ahead and find the right choice of entity are all part of the process.
Bookkeeping Services
My staff and I provide a full scope of bookkeeping services. We can take care of the paperwork while the business owner does what he or she does best. We have extensive experience with QuickBooks and other accounting software.